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Get our children reading more!

Last post 12/04/2010 13:49 by IFTK Manny. 6 replies.
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  • Get our children reading more!
    04/01/2010 15:43

    I am a mother of four and I believe reading is so important to make those curious little minds tick!

    Would love to get a discussion going on how you get your children involved, especially switching off that telly or xbox!

     I also write my own blogs, incase anyone fancied having a little look! Big Smile

    My family scribbles :)
  • Re: Get our children reading more!
    14/01/2010 14:15
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    Hi manicme

    Couldn't agree more about the importance of reading.

    Luckily our son (now 6) has always been fascinated by books from even before he could sit up. At two and three, he would quite happily flick through any books he could lay his hands on.

    He would love anyone reading to him and without prompting would recount what we had read to him. He was equally happy with fiction or anything about transport, science, how things work etc. 

    If anything, he has been even keener since starting to read, and avidly tries to read everything and anything he sees.

    I know we have been very lucky and haven't had to encourage him. However, we have always made time to read with him every day and also for 10 mins or so before bed. I suppose that fact that he sees us both reading quite a bit must also help.

    Worth mentioning too that we are also strict at limiting time watching TV or playing on the DS (despite protests). It is lovely to know that when we go into his bedroom in the morning at the weekend, he is as likely to be flicking through his books as playing with lego.

    Interestingly, his enthusiasm has been rubbing off on some of his friends as I have now seen them reading together once or twice when they could have been playing with any of their toys!

    As I say, I know that we have been very lucky with our son, but reading is (and always has been) just part of the variety of things we do together and is certainly part of the daily routine at bed time.

  • Re: Get our children reading more!
    14/01/2010 16:35
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    How refreshing to hear that you have the same ideals towards reading! I've always made time everyday to read to the children, usually straight after dinner to help them with homework and I have the exact same ethos towards television viewing - I've always restricted their viewing and because they're accustomed to it, I don't get a lot of protest because I always find activities to keep them entertained. However, with my two boys, I get protest galore with trying to restrict their gaming - so I know how it feels! I feel that the older they get, the more involved they will get games/internet/television - but for now I'm happy to encourage as much reading as possible. How fantastic that your son is getting his friends into reading Smile if he's six, he'll like the adventureboxbooks that I highly recommend!! ( would love to hear feedback if you get a chance to have a look on the site! x

    My family scribbles :)
  • Re: Get our children reading more!
    31/03/2010 13:51
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    I have three children, 12,11 and 8, all of them love reading but i think what might help matters is i put a ban on consoles on school nights and limit them on weekends. Surprise

  • Re: Get our children reading more!
    31/03/2010 19:29
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    Hi Welshbybirth. I think you are totally right - just like TV, limiting play on computers and consoles is definitely a sensible thing to do. They are great, but variety is really important

  • Re: Get our children reading more!
    12/04/2010 13:32
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     That made me sound like a bit of an ogre and i am of course flexible on school holidays but if i didn't limit them they would spend all day on them if they had the chance. 

     I just think kids should be enjoying the outdoors, building dens, exploring and reading much more than they seem to nowadays.


    Luckily i live by a beach which the kids love but i do think kids need to be encouraged to have some old fashioned reading does wonders to widen their imagination.

  • Re: Get our children reading more!
    12/04/2010 13:49
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    Hi Welshbybirth

    I couldn't agree with you more - it's all about variety and balance.

    Reading is great, as are PC's and many computer games and of course the big outdoors. Like most things in life, too much of one thing is probably not good, but a mix of activities and pass-times is a great recipe for a fun and rewarding childhood...and probably a more relaxed home too.

    Of course going out can get expensive, but it doesn't have to cost the earth as there are many free and inexpensive activities out there.


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